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MUFA Executive Committee Conflict of Interest Policy

The MUFA Executive Committee represents faculty members and their interests in relation to their employment at McMaster and often considers issues that affect Executive Committee members together with the broader membership.  Members of the MUFA Executive Committee shall be conscious of and sensitive to conflicts of interest and apprehensions of bias that go beyond either their roles as representatives and/or the common interests they share with all MUFA members. When an issue directly affects or involves an individual Executive Committee member (or his/her spouse, partner, or family member), it is likely that the perception of a conflict of interest or apprehension of bias exists.

Executive Committee members who perceive a conflict of interest or bias of their own should declare that they have such a conflict to the Executive. If an Executive Committee member becomes aware of a potential conflict of interest or bias of another member of the Executive Committee, the member should bring this to the attention of the Executive Committee for discussion. Should a simple majority of the Executive Committee agree that a conflict of interest or bias exists, the member with the conflict or bias shall withdraw from discussion of and voting on that issue.