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Deans and Associate Deans

The Deans and Associate Deans is also available as a PDF download.

Deans and Associate Deans (.PDF)


First Name Last Name Term Position Faculty Office Location E-Mail Ext.
Leonard Waverman Jan 1/13-June 30/21 Dean Business DSB 244A 24431
Ishwar Puri 2013-2023 Dean Engineering JHE 260 24900
Doug Welch 2015-2022 Associate Vice-President & Dean, School of Graduate Studies Graduate Studies GH 212 24205
Paul O’Byrne 2016-2021 Dean & Vice-President, Health Sciences Health Sciences HSC 2E2 22186
Pamela Swett 2019-2024 Dean Humanities CNH 112 24603
Maureen MacDonald May 1/17-June 30/22 Dean Science BSB 102 22615
Jerry Hurley Nov 15/15-June 30/25 Dean Social Sciences KTH 129 26156


First Name Last Name Term Position Faculty Office Location E-Mail Ext.
Anna Danielova 2017-2022 Associate Dean (Faculty Affairs & Accreditation) Business DSB 241 26996
Sue McCracken 2017-2022 Associate Dean (Academic) Business DSB 245 23993
Khaled Hassanein 2017-2022 Associate Dean( Graduate Studies and Research) Business DSB A202 23956
Steve Hranilovic 2019-2024 Associate Dean (Academic) Engineering JHE/H301 24646
John Preston 2014-2024 Associate Dean (Research & External Relations) Engineering JHE 315 27294
Steven Hanna 2019-2024 Vice-Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Health Sciences) Graduate Studies MDCL 2237 22982
Michael Thompson 2019-2024 Associate Dean (Engineering) Graduate Studies GH 212 23679
Bhagwati Gupta Jan 1/18-June 30/23 Associate Dean (Science) Graduate Studies GH 212 26517
Sandra Carroll 2018-2023 Vice-Dean, Health Sciences and Executive Director, School of Nursing Health Sciences HSC 2J17 22400
Jonathan Bramson 2017-2022 Associate Dean (Research) Health Sciences HSC 2E16 22464
Rob Whyte Jan 1/21-2025 Vice Dean, Health Professional Education Health Sciences MDCL 3106 22141
Mark Walton 2017-2022 Vice Dean (Faculty Affairs) Health Sciences HSC 2E19 22088
Dina Brooks Jan 1/19-2024 Associate Dean (Rehabilitation Science) Health Sciences IAHS 403H 27807
Sean Corner 2019-2024 Associate Dean (Studies) Humanities CNH 112 27532
Martin Horn 2019-2024 Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Research) Humanities CNH 112 26546
Michael Farquharson Jan 1/19-June 30/23 Associate Dean (Academic) Science BSB 133 26993
Gianni Parise 2017-2022 Associate Dean (Research & External Relations) Science BSB 102 26416
Tracy Prowse 2018-2023 Associate Dean Social Sciences KTH 134 26077
James Gillett 2017-2022 Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Research) Social Sciences GH 212 23679